Cannabis Consulting

Time to Gro!

Cannabis Cultivation is at a All-Time High in California and around the country. With big investors and companies racing to break through with Quality Cannabis to provide to the REC Market there is no time for error. There is no room for cutting corners and optimizing your operation costs to increase profitablity is key.





Gro Your Brand!




Crop Production


  • Digital Room layout design
  • Lighting layout design
  • Build out pricing estimates
  • Project management services
  • Environmental consulting

Crop Consults

  • Custom salt nutrient design
  • IPM tactics
  • Crop management 
  • Irrigation feed layout and more!

Service Estimates

Custom AG Salt Mix Recipe
Gallons per use calculator
Veg/Bloom Base feeds
Hormone boosters and aminos
Room Layout Up to 30k Sqft facility
Complete room design
Equipment break down
Contractor and distributor referrals